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An immersive performance of dance and music which imagines life as a journey in circles




The sky, the trees, the plants, the light

It's all moving

and changing every second





  1. There comes a time


There comes a time 

when all things must die

I would like to live again 

the first time 

I enjoyed dancing

I would like 

to touch 

this carpet again and 

hear the voice 

of my mother


I ask myself 

for forgiveness

For the things 





in the past

I can never forget 

But maybe I can forgive.


Let me float


2. Bird


We see the world 

from far 

And the higher we get

My desire to want burns me out


I always wanted to be a bird

I keep on diving out of 

myself deeper

Until I slide into the ground 

with my skull





Tumbling hills in front of me

My feet sink softly deeper

I trace the cracking edges

I’m feeling timeless

Surrounded by whispers playing in the wind

I melt, I disappear

I will no longer be here but

I will grow somewhere else




Am I dreaming?

I’m lost in the moment

So light I could leave the ground

Can you hear the whispering?

Sometimes I want to be reckless

To dare, to go for a risk

So here I am





I open my wardrobe. so many clothes,

I don’t remember when I bought them

Floating questions

It’s all about the points – 

We are made of so many points

I can’t count them

Are you scared?



3. The ants inside are full of flowers


My breasts look different today 

I’m standing in front of a mirror 

the moon is still far away 

its tiny feet touching my skin 



I forgot 

where I was

in your arms?


with every slight breath through a tunneled eye

the ants inside are full of 








I’m standing in front of a mirror

Trying to be me

I notice some shadows and the sound

That is not my breath

They sometimes come

And swim in me

If it rains, they leave

When I get dry, they break in

The lake I am

Is like hiding forever and never being found




Made of delicacy and inconsistence,

Soft and strong

In constant danger of tearing apart

It’s happening with and without me

To be an observer

My feet are walking away

My eyes are not seeing

But my skin is hearing




The earth opens and we fall

We fall and fly at the same time

And we become so slow every detail reveals itself

The air runs through my body

And every cell vibrates in a sense of freedom

I breath. I live. I fall. I fly.

I swirl. I swift. I swizzle and sweep

In the eternal dance.





Carry me

Not because I want to go anywhere

But because I want to be held

Keep me floating

And enjoy my pain

As you created me into something

I didn’t know I was



4. Dust 


I’m standing in front of a mirror

What if I forget everything

It would be 

like hiding and forever not being found


The earth opens and we fall

We fall and fly at the same time

Time doesn’t exist anymore

We become so slow

That every detail reveals itself




I am no one when I am alone

Please, never leave

Without you there I will turn cold

There comes a time when all things must die

But cycle are circles and circles go round

So things can happen again


 Dust. A massive wall of dust

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